BebeBabe Starter Box


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Inside this box, you shall find 3 items to help you start off as a BebeBabe! Along side your treats you will find your welcome letter, with your special discount code, offering 10% off to anybody that uses it! 

Once you order, we shall send your box straight to your door, from there it is up to you, promote it your own way, be yourself, have fun, and most importantly enjoy your treats! 

Let us know which item you would like as a reward, and we can then count your discount uses against it, as soon as your target is hit, we let you know and send out your free box, then just review it and carry on sharing your code for unlimited reward boxes!

A Chocolate Bar Box is 10 code uses,

A Letterbox Box is 15 code uses,

A Sweet Treats Box is 20 code uses, 

(remember can only choose one reward at a time)

Welcome to BebeBoxes UK!